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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

As dictated by the students of the microSchool:

"We went on a field trip to the Cameron Bridge Fishing Access on the Gallatin River. We got to help clean up the earth and find weird things that were trash. We found an elk hide, the remains of an ermine, saw a dragonfly floating on the water, and saw lots of fish. It was fun catching minnows and splashing in the water. Exploring the squishy mud was extra fun and made great sounds.

The yard has a big tube and we love pushing it up the hill and riding it back down the hill. We realized that it rolled faster when we had less people in it. When we all got in it, it rolled down the hill very slowly. Our body weight must have held it back,.

We enjoyed getting to know everybody and all of the time we got to spend outside. It is really fun being able to experience the learning instead of just being told about the learning like at other schools.

Reading with each other was so much fun.

We are looking forward to community service, more math, science experiments, more field trips, being outside, learning about animals, exploring the Ghost Homestead, learning about the old, old days, going fishing, howling in the woods, going to an amethyst pit, and going in the tube more!"


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1 Comment

Sep 05, 2019

It looks like everyone is learning and having lots of fun. Thanks for the pictures.

This Jackson and Harison grandparents.

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