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Copper City Trails


This week we went on a hike at the Copper City Trail. We drew pictures and wrote about the landscape and compared it to the Sypes Canyon area. The landscape was dry and flat and covered in rocks. I'm excited to go again and find different locations for hikes. At Copper City, we walked to the top of the hill and surveyed the landscape. On the walk up and the on the walk down we cleaned up trash. We also played on a BMX track that was at the bottom. It was really nice to be out in nature for the day and the weather was amazing!


I liked going to the Copper City Trails and I liked looking around.


At Copper City Trails we saw mountain bikers out on the trails and found bullet rounds up the wazoo. We found 20 gauge shells, 12 gauges and even a 300 win mag round. I believe that because the trail is out of city limits and is a nice and clear area, shooters suspected it would be keen for firearms practice. We didn't hike too far up Copper City, but it was fun.

We also found a vital piece of info for our Ghost Homestead and its story. An entire chapter of a book on it that even had a picture of it! It was the gold mine that we needed. It has saved our expedition to learn more about its extensive past.



On Wednesday, we got to learn about poetry and pick out some poems, and even make some for the recital. I wrote a poem about hunting that I am very excited to share with all of you at the recital in December!


Books, Books, and Books.

On Tuesday, we went to the Bozeman Public Library to check out some books for our personal reading and for our passion projects. Passion projects are projects that we have chosen to work on throughout the year. For example, mine is to build a working model of an F-35 Lighting II.


We're also working on our passion projects. Almost all of them are about vehicles. I'm really excited to build my passion project this weekend at home and bring it in to present to the class. I'm also looking forward to starting on my history project me and Wyatt are both working on a book called Heart of a Samurai. We both have to pick part of the book and make a project out of it. I'm planning on making a poster about the caste system that went on there a long time ago in Japan.


Hi friends! This week was pretty good :) We did some fun things. We started off the week by doing writing proposals for our passion projects and Grant and I worked on our essays for, the book we recently finished. We then spent the next day by going to the library to get three books of our interest and three books that related to our passion projects. I am researching Pakistan for my passion project! Later in the week we did some pottery with Miss Elena. I painted some of my pottery pieces and I am looking forward to seeing them after they have been fired! My other classmates made soy sauce dishes! We also read this week. I read lots of my Pakistani books and I read a little bit of the Wizard of Oz to Sanford. I wasn't here on Thursday so I don't have much to say about it. But, I am here today and Ali and I are going to make a squash dish! We are also going to do yoga later in the day. I also want to say sorry to Brittany for her loss. She lost a good friend yesterday and I want her to know that her friend is in a wonderful place now and that his spirit will always be by Brittany’s side!



Today we have a treat in store! The Jacobs boys' mom, Qurban Devi, is coming in to teach us some yoga. I am very excited to learn some new techniques and also to get to learn the long-time sun song better than I do now. 

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