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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Grant, Editor-In-Chief

Hello friends and family of the Micro School! This week we welcomed back Asha who was gone for a couple of weeks. The older groups started passion projects. We get to focus on an idea that we each are interested in and eventually, hopefully, put it into reality.

This Wednesday we had a really weird cold front and it caused ice to accumulate everywhere. I forgot my boots and had to wear my vans. It did not go well. I slid and slipped everywhere. It was not very easy but I managed to make it to the playground falling only 149,999 times. We found out that the ice was from an inversion. 

We also went to Missouri Headwaters State Park. It was gorgeous. The power of the river was unbelievable. It was boiling up with the force of a firework and the eddys were so strong that they would suck in logs. I found it fascinating to see the power of nature in its true form, not in a museum. I look forward to going back at some point. 


I love playing with Asha.



Missouri Headwaters State Park. We bushwhacked and I liked running around.


This week we went to Missouri Headwaters State Park and went on a hike. We also got to see the Headwaters. The river was high and cold. 


"I love going to Missouri Headwaters State Park!"


This week was short but fun. Went to Missouri Headwaters State Park and it was somewhat exiting. We did so much stuff like hike through a marsh and found stuff like abandoned ballistic missile silos. We also had a cattail fight (with their fluff). That concludes that part.

We had lunch afterwards at the actual headwaters. We skipped rocks, found a dead mouse as well as a weird seed that we floated down the current. We also did much more. It was very fun until we had to leave. 


I like playing in the forest!



We built model aircraft it rocked. I got the F-15E Strike Eagle Harry got an apache chopper and a wooden prop plane I think it was a vietnam plane not the F-4 but a different one. Grant got the JJ Junkers 49 and a heavily damaged mig-21 fishbed a fellow vietnam plane (the previous owner was not as talented he/she damaged it so much like for example there were no landing gear and it had a crack running almost all the way down the aircrafts spine Grant is doing what he can to fix and build it but I am not informed on its current condition or build status.



This week we started our passion projects each of us got to pick a subject they're interested in. We have to write a few papers and then we get to build it or design it or whatever we're doing for a passion project. I’m really excited for my passion project personally. Me and Wyatt are also reading Heart of Samurai. It's about a Japanese boy who gets shipwrecked on an island and then rescued by Americans. He has to adjust to American culture. This is hard because he doesn't understand the language much and his culture’s much more peaceful and graceful than the American culture. He has to learn how to read and write and do math like the Americans.



To celebrate Asha's return we are going bowling at the MSU SUB. I am really excited to bowl (and beat everyone). 


It was a great week and now I look forward to going bowling with everyone. We are going to a place at MSU. Supposedly it is awesome and I look forward to it. I hope they also have pizza cause then I am going to town.  

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