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For Currently enrolled students only.

Outdoor activities help to improve physical health, cognitive abilities, creativity, sensory stimulation, stress relief, and more!

We have 8-weeks of outdoor, connected programming, beginning June 17th and ending August 8th.

Come for one week, or stay for the summer!

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Love Children.
Love Nature.

Welcome to Great Beginnings day camp - Our campers will spend the summer exploring everything from the playground on our local campus to local mountain ranges to the edges of local lakes. Based on their ages, they will have fun getting dirty in the soil, playing along local riverbanks, and learning about the unique ecosystems that make Montana a wonderful place to live and play. 

Our younger campers stay on campus. Our campers 6 and older go off campus every day to explore!


Great Beginnings Summer Day Camp 2024:​

  • Bumblebee Camp (ages 2-3)

  • Huckleberry Camp (ages 3-6)


The Great Beginnings Montessori School has been a local non-profit for 38 years and has offered Summer Nature Camps since 2007! Our Summer Camp provides quality, nature-based fun in an outdoor, hands-on setting. Campers spend most of their time outside, having a great time observing nature up-close using tools like binoculars, magnifying lenses and microscopes. Ecology concepts are introduced in a fun environment, with crafts, games and hands-on activities, and activities are specific to age groupings.

Our summer program runs Monday-Thursday, 7:45-3:30

​Artful Adventures

Each Monday children will tap into their artisitc abilities with sculpting, collages, painting and more!  Children will also have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of songs, dance and musical instruments!

​Fairy Gardens & Gnome Homes

Bring your imagination and curiosity for this creative camp! What fun the fairies and gnomes will have with the homes, playgrounds, and gardens we make for them. Who knows, they may come out of hiding and join in our circle games and songs. Explore the fairy realm and create fun arts and crafts. 

We will also be looking at storytelling and fairy-tales. 

​Weird Science

Each Wednesday the children will be involved in amazing discoveries as they create scientific experiments from everyday objects. Pop dry ice smoke bubbles, experiment with solar bags, whip up a batch of elephant toothpaste, and be dazzled by solar power! 


Air is one of the most popular themes for science fair projects. When you explore the properties of air, you discover that air occupies space, has weight and exerts pressure. 

​Sports Camp

Challenge yourself and others as you face obstacles that will engage your “team player” attitude. Come enjoy obstacle courses, soccer, balancing, tumbling, yoga, dancing and more!


*All campers will have bike day on Thursday. Please be sure to bring bike and helmet at morning drop off. Bumblebee and Huckleberry campers can bring push bikes or scooters if preferred. 

There will be no camp on Fridays
  • What is the age limit?
    Great Beginnings is a nature-based Summer Day Camp for ages 2 - 6. Campers are placed in camps with children of similar ages
  • Bumblebee Camp (ages 2-3)
    Toddlers get to experience our rich, engaging (and slightly quieter) 2 -3-year-old program, and they have a play area of their own. This camp is a camp for our younger campers and includes a nap after lunch. ​ 5:1 ratio with 10 children per camp with 2 instructors.
  • Huckleberry Camp (ages 3-6)
    In their own specially prepared classroom and around campus, these campers will explore topics in art, science, botony, athletics and more! Our instructors are skilled early childhood educators and all camp's themes are focused on encouraging sensory exploration and helping campers discover enjoyment through, crafts, games, songs, outdoor exploration, and more. Counselors offer the gentle guidance with the children in the outdoors. We keep it simple so your camper can make big discoveries in the wide world. This camp has no nap time, only a quiet-time and children should self-sufficient with toileting. Huckleberry camp has 16 to 18 children with 2-3 instructors.
  • Times:
    Summer camp will run from 8am – 4pm, and the same two instructors will be with the same children during the entire day. There are 8-weeks of programming, Monday – Thursday. There is no camp on Friday.
  • Pick-up/ Drop-off:
    All camps have drop-off and pick-up at the Springhill location: 100 Springhill Lane. All camps have Bike Day each Thursday. Please pick-up/ drop-off your child's bike and helmet. Please note: Yurt Camp will have pick-up/ drop-off each Thursday Bike Day at different local parks.
  • Summer Camp Fees:
    Weekly fees: $350 per camper for Huckleberry and Bumblebee. Enrolled GBMS students.
  • Cancellation Policy:
    If you must cancel, we wil issue a refund with a 30 day notice. This does not include the non-refundable $50 deposit or any ACTIVE fees.
  • Available discounts:​
    Sibling Discount: Second, third and fourth (etc.) children receive 5% reduction. Contact the office for details. ​​ Only one discount per family, multiple discounts do not apply.
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