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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Asha, September Editor-In-Chief

This week was filled with lots of joy! We did so many fun activities like hiking, clay building, going out to a sunflower field, going to the library, and we even did some art! Everyone got some happiness out of this week! We each got to pick out our own sunflowers, we all made clay bowls, and we read our books from the library! You may be wondering what are the books we got from the library. Well, we have begun our independent studies about the ghost homestead across from our school. We got books on many different topics that may help us identify and solve some things about this ghost home! Everyone this week worked on empathy and kindness! We are so thankful that we got to do nature science, math, pottery, and art! We are all happy that the warm weather came back this Friday! Our happiness when we are out in the rain can not compare to our happiness in the sun! We are looking forward to next week and many more!


Natural Sciences in the Fields

Our Trip to the Library


"We went to the library. I really liked it."

Time Outside

Sypes Canyon Hike


This week me and the rest of the class drove the van down to Sypes Canyon. We unloaded with all of our stuff and began to hike. Me, being at the front of the class, couldn’t tell you the social interactions at the back but I know what happened at our destination. We ate lunch first. I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich with some Annie's bunnies and chocolate milk. Then we sat in our individual spaces and took notes in our journals. Then we hiked back once again, me being first again, and drove back to the micro school where I played a game of chess. 

P.S. I’m looking forward to cooking today. We are making apple-kale salad.

WorkTime in the Classroom


"I like doing ceramics."


"I am getting better at chess."


I have really enjoyed reading the Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus in our "so say" book club. It was really helpful for the teachers to let me use an audiobook at home. The story teaches me a lot about empathy and how hard it is for someone with disabilities. The book gave me a new perspective on lives of other people and how insignificant our big triumphs and failures are to the entire world. I hope our next book is as interesting as the one I just read. Here is a  sum up of the book. A girl named Aven without any arms is born with a disability. She lives in Kansas with her two parents she's adopted. She has lots of friends at school. Her dad loses his job and they have to move to Arizona to an old theme park where he got a job. She make some friends, solve the mystery, and realizes how big she really is in the world.


"I am happy that I am not sick."



Today we had a great time cooking. We made a kale and apple salad. It was delicious but it wasn't just delicious on it's own. The whole class put their love into it which made it ten times better. The ingredients were pretty simple: kale, apples, olive oil, salt, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, sunflower seeds. It turned out amazing and we even gave some to our friend Genn who stopped by. I hope you can give this a try at home. I would recommend more apples. Thanks!

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