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MINUS TEN DEGREES... Brrrrrrrrrr

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Asha, Stand-In Editor-In-Chief for Grant

Hello everyone!

This week was amazing and so much fun. It started off nice and warm and got a little colder through the week, but that did not stop us from having the best time outside! I really enjoyed school on Monday because we got to go up to Hyalite Canyon and explore! At Hyalite we collected mushrooms, ate lunch, explored, saw some fish, and we even saw a fox! The fox was super close to us and it was so cool! It was the first time I had seen such a beautiful fox! Sanford and I also went over some rocks to our own little space to eat lunch. Later that day we had natural science with Gina! We learned about seeds and seed saving and then collected some from native plants and even experimented with planting some! While we were collecting seeds on the hill we found a dead fox :( I was very sad to see a dead fox… Gina and the classmates took some of its bones for our museum collection. We took the skull and some other pieces. But, seriously, can you believe we found two foxes in one day?!  We also dissected bear poop as part of seed collecting! There were a LOT of chokecherry seeds in the poop. Yep. Monday was pretty fun! On the other days of the week we did so much more, such as building a huge snowman with the fresh snow we got! We put a hat on the snowman, as well as some other clothes and carrots for the nose! It was pretty funny. We also did pottery. Pottery was super fun, we learned about scratch & attach and made bowls with paws in them. We even made turtle bowls! Later today we will do some yoga! I am looking forward to yoga so I can relax. Aside from the fun things we did this week, we also did a lot of classwork. This classwork included math games, prodigy math, EdReady, collecting data, drawing, reading The Wizard of Oz and The Giver, spelling, writing, building, and working on our Ghost Homestead project. I finished mine! As you can see, this week was very fun and very busy! I am super excited to go to the hay maze with my class later today! It will be super fun. I hope we can get through the rest of fall with a little less snow and a lot more colorful leaves!


This week was great. On Monday, we drove up to Hyalite Reservoir. We did a lot of stuff. One, being mushroom hunting with Ali. We searched for Artist Conks with little luck, but we found many other cool mushrooms. When we got back to the MicroSchool, our science teacher came. We did a lot of things and we learned about a seed vault up in Scandinavia. We learned about types of seeds, native plants, and the conditions they need to grow. We even planted our own bear digested chokecherry seeds. All of this was followed by the discovery of a dead fox carcass. 


I played at Hyalite Beach. "I liked the dead fox because it was cool because we collected it's brain and it might have been roadkill. We played in the snow and we built a snowman. I did a backflip and trust-falls onto the cushions that we have here."


I saw a fox that was dead and a fox that was alive. "We cooked cole slaw and I grated the carrots and the apples and then we put a lot of stuff in it and then we ate it. I planted seeds that came from all around the hill."


On Tuesday, we drove to Sacagawea Park where we talked and swung extremely high on the swings. We had berry fights and ate lunch. It was all fun except for the CRAZY wind, which temporarily stole some backpacks.


This week we went to Sacagawea Park in Livingston for lunch. We've made it a regular thing to go to a playground at least once a week for lunch so that we're actually able to play on real play equipment and get away from the school. I hope to go to more playgrounds in the future. Hopefully the weather will get back to being as nice as it was when we went to Sacajawea. 


Our pottery teacher, Elena, came and we made pots resembling animals ... but I did something different. I made a miniature swimming pool with lounge chairs, a tiny car, a diving board, and once we get it fired I will add a blue glaze to the bottom of the pool and jacuzzi. Afterwards it will be filled with water and painted to add a more realistic look.


Also this week, Ali built her first Snowman!  Ali's always lived in a warm climates until she moved here. Her friends were not willing to teach her how to build one so this Thursday all of the students helped Ali maker her first Snowman. We named it Georgie.


Building George. It was fun.


We've been reading Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus and we're getting really close to the end of the book. I hope we get to finish the book next week. We've also started reading The Giver which is a story set in the future where everything is set in stone and there's absolutely no freedom for anyone. That's as far as we've gotten in the book. Ali's been reading it to us out loud. 


"I am excited about making apple and carrot coleslaw." I was also happy that I got to sculpt a sea turtle out of clay. I was also happy that we got to make Ali's first snowman with her.

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