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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Asha, September Editor-In-Chief

Good afternoon, everyone!

This week was awesome! We did many activities and we even potentially got a new classmate named Hannah! (And yes, now there will maybe be two Hannah’s!) I was not here on Monday because I had a cold, but on the days that I was here we had a great time. Some of the activities we did were pottery, hiking, sketching, collecting data, reading, cooking, reflections, yoga, and playing board games!

Pottery was one of my favorite things we did this week and that is because we got to go up on the hill in the back of our school and collect natural clay! Can you believe we found natural clay on the hill behind our school?! The clay was hard and cracked at first but then our classmate Grant helped it to be more clay-like by pouring a bucket of water on it! We collected as much as we needed and went back down to the school where we made things out of the clay! I made a butterfly and a mushroom. Collecting clay was super fun and I am looking forward to collecting more natural clay in the future! 

Today we will cook! I am very excited to cook with my classmates! The food of the month is kale, so all I know is that we will be making a dish with kale! I know that it will be super yummy! (Addendum: We made a kale smoothie, which was delicious, but also super chunky. I recommend that we get a blender for the school.)

As I said earlier, we potentially have a new classmate! Hannah is shadowing our community today to get a feel of what it's like! We are hoping she loves it, we would love for her to be an addition to our class! 



I had fun doing a show and doing clay. The show was talking about a good man talking to another bad man. It's also sort of like a song too that says, "The earth is good, the earth is bad, the earth is good, the earth is bad. There's good stuff, there's bad stuff!" I wrote a bunch of stuff on the box and I am pretending now with a bunch of string that makes the boxes flaps move.



Elena came and taught us some new techniques with clay. We also found a natural clay deposit above the hill thanks to Harrison, Jackson and Sanford. It's just a short walk up the side of the hill behind of our school. There is multiple layered clay deposits and it is pretty usable and can be molded and shaped with ease. With a little bit of water the clay became pliable and we were able to build with it. We made little clay god's which we hope will protect the kiln during its first firing.


We found clay on the hill. It was the end of the day and me, Jackson, and Harison were on the hill. We saw it and thought, "Is that clay?" So we tested it. 



I had fun going on a field trip to Sypes Canyon. It was fun going down to the creek and seeing the water running and all of the fall leaves. It was fun building the small trapper shack. I built it with moss and small sticks. 


This week we went back up to Sipes Canyon. Thankfully we went to a new location this time. This location wasn't as far as when we would continue on to hike to our usual spot every single week. We spent the time by the creek and new spot. We found a crabapple tree. Getting to explore the location was really fun. I can't wait until the next time we get to go up to Sypes Canyon. Before the last time we went it was kind of a painful experience because the hike was long and the payoff wasn't great. It seemed like everything was the same when we got to our spot so we couldn't notice too many differences. Since we went to a new location yesterday, it makes me a lot more excited for the next time we go up to see what has changed and what is the same.


This week we did many things, one being hiking up Sypes Canyon. We started up the trail and walked talking about one thing and the next. Once we got to our new spot we sat for ten or so minutes before we set down the trail a small amount. We reached another spot rather enclosed by private property but still rather enjoyable. We found many things there being an apple tree, a great spot to build mini trapper’s huts, and a LOT of puzzle grass. We had a lot of fun but then we had to go back to the micro school where we also enjoyed the time in quiet reading and Asha reading Charlotte’s Web to the youngsters in a cozy little blanket fort.


I like field trips!


We harvested seeds from the sunflowers we picked a couple of weeks ago to roast later. We also looked at the spiraling pattern of the seeds and learned a little bit about the Fibonacci Sequence. We painted designs on some of the sunflowers and we hung the others from trees and the fence as bird and animal feeders.

"Music is the one art we all have inside." - Fred Rogers

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