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Grant, October Editor-In-Chief

This week we had a lot of fun. We got to go to the Gallatin History Museum, Bogert Park, Lindley Park, Art with Allison, Sourdough Trail, and to the Pavilion at Lindley for lunch.  Overall, this week was very fun. We had a lot of physical activity outside and had time to still learn educational stuff and things. In school, we had Science on Monday, Clay on Wednesday, and Art on Friday. Today we also have cooking. I'm very excited to cook because I really like to cook and it's really fun to learn how to cook new things that you can share with your family at home.



This week our class took a hike up a secret trail. It was very entertaining to explore our local trails and pet multiple dogs along the way. The older group split up from the younger group and hiked up to a small cliff face for lunch. After lunch, we hiked down the path and eventually made it down to the other group. We took a few minutes at the river bed and then made it down to the base of the trail. We took a group photo and headed back to school. 


This week we went on a hike on the south side of town. It was really fun hiking a new trial because we got to see new trails and different places in nature! We also were separated from the littler kids and we got to have ‘big kid time’ with Ali! I loved hiking up the trail near the water while listening to the Grateful Dead. Once we got up to our destination spot, we explored a little and we ate lunch. Unfortunately, while I was exploring I fell down a hill and scratched up my arm. It hurt but it's okay…


"Sourdough Canyon Lake! I had fun there!" It was fun playing hide and go seek and it was fun. Going to Bogert Park was fun.


We took a hike up Sourdough Canyon. We ate lunch and did some climbing. It was painful because I had a blister on my right heel that only got worse on the hike down. But I made it. Then we drove back to the Microschool and ended our day with independent reading time.


We went to hike Sourdough. We all hiked up to a creek and then some of us stayed there and some went up higher. I was one of the ones that stayed down by the creek. We played lots of games and splashed in the water. I hope we get to go back up onto that trail again.


"Sourdough Canyon is so fun. I really want to go there." It was really fun and I really liked it and I really want to go there for a playdate. End of story.


We went on a field trip to Bogert Park. To be able to play on the new and different play structures was very interesting in comparison and contrast to the play structure out in our field. I hope we get more experiences out at parks for lunch. 



"I hug Brittany." I liked figuring out the math problem because I did a lot of math. I forgot the number I figured out actually, but it was a math problem about 4 cows and 3 chickens and how many tails and legs they have. I used white boards and markers and counting gems. Every single day I liked it when the fireplace went on.


This week, Gennifre came to work with us for emotional support for the older students. She's going to start coming every week and she hopes to move her office into our school. I am extremely excited to have extra help from another teacher -- I bet the teachers are excited as well.  



This week Elena joined us for pottery. In this lesson, we learned about making coil pots and smoothing clay out. Most of our class made excellent coil pots, however, some people didn't take to liking making coil pots so they made other structures using coils. Asha made a very cool mushroom and Eve made a really cool looking pot. I really think clay is my favorite subject due to the fact that I can do something that I'm actually decent at.


Another thing we did this week was pottery! Elena came in to show us a cool pottery building technique. I forgot what the technique was called but it was very fun. I made a mushroom, two or three bowls, and something else but I forgot what it was too. I am loving pottery so much and I am looking forward to more pottery next week!



This week was fun, especially the day when we did three things in one. That day started out with art with Allison at her studio. It was fun and everybody was so creative in their art, really using colors to their full potential.



"I am happy that we are making apple butter." A few days before, I realized that I was really good at making coil pots. I really liked going on the hike to Sourdough. I found silver and mica in the creek."


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