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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Asha, September Editor-in-Chief

Hello, Parents!

It has been a great week for everyone. We have done a handful of activities this week such as cooking, hiking, sketching, collecting data, measuring, reading, and much more! I wanted to help everyone get to know each other better so I have made a slideshow with information about our classmates and teachers. I hope you like it and I hope that you can get to know our community a little better because of this slideshow.

Thank you and please enjoy!




I really enjoyed studying the ghost house across the street. Sketching and noticing differences between buildings was extremely fun. Writing a fictional story about it was also very fun. I'm severely dyslexic and dysgraphic but even though I am writing the story it's been a really big highlight of my current school year. Our school also has a great curriculum; being able to touch and work with the things I'm learning about is much better than just sitting there and doing a worksheet.


"Me and my brother found a auger at the ghost homestead."


Two days ago, me and the rest of the class crossed Springhill Road to get to a ghost homestead across it. First thing we did was split in two groups, Brittany’s, (mine) and Ali’s. Second thing we did was take distance measurements and drawing the footprint as well as a drawing a sketch of one of the small shacks followed by the second. Then we walked around the homestead area and looked at antique artifacts etc. Last, we walked back across Springhill Road to the Microschool.



On Thursday, the Microschool took a trip to Sypes Canyon trailhead. Our goal was to use all of our five senses to draw and identify items and connect with nature. Located just a few minutes up the road, it's an easy drive. The weather was warm, and we all brought water and something we probably weren't supposed to… Ali identified plenty of plants along the way, including choke cherries and aspen trees. We then took a stop about a mile up the trail to sketch out nature and tally the amount of trees and plants. We then had a humorous lunch of wasps landing on people and lunchboxes and causing overall chaos. After lunch we ran down the long hill, and getting to the van we bombarded Ali to turn on the air.



"I like to draw in my book."


"Snap cubes are cool."


"We were reading a book called The Rainbow Goblins."

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