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Great Beginnings is a nature-based Summer Day Camp for ages 2 - 9. Campers are placed in camps with children of  similar ages


Summer camp will run from 8am – 4pm, and the same two instructors will be with the same children during the entire day. 

There are 8-weeks of programming,  Monday – Thursday. There is no camp on Friday. 

Pick-up/ Drop-off:

  • All camps have drop-off and pick-up at the Springhill location: 100 Springhill Lane. 

  • All camps have Bike Day each Thursday. Please pick-up/ drop-off your child's bike and helmet. Please note: Yurt Camp will have pick-up/ drop-off each Thursday Bike Day at different local parks.

2023 All Camps: Ages, Times and Location 


Bumblebee Camp (ages 2-3)

Toddlers get to experience our rich, engaging (and slightly quieter) 2 -3-year-old program, and they have a play area of their own. This camp is a camp for our younger campers and includes a nap after lunch. ​

5:1 ratio with 10 children per camp with 2 instructors.  

Huckleberry Camp (ages 3-6) 

  • In their own specially prepared classroom and around campus, these campers will explore topics in art, science, botony, athletics and more!

  • Our instructors are skilled early childhood educators and all camp's themes are focused on encouraging sensory exploration and helping campers discover enjoyment through, crafts, games, songs, outdoor exploration, and more.

  • Counselors offer the gentle guidance with the children in the outdoors. We keep it simple so your camper can make big discoveries in the wide world.


This camp has  no nap time, only a quiet-time and children should self-sufficient with toileting.   Huckleberry camp has 16 to 18 children with 2-3 instructors.

Yurt Camp (rising 1st - 3rd grades) ages 6-9

Our traveling camp brings kids ages 6 to 9 together in groups of up to ten peers during the camp day.  Talented instructors lead these groups in songs and games as well as hikes to visit bridges, collect creek data, share stories, and learn more about our mountain ecosystem.  

  • Afternoons are spent doing self-selected activities like crafts, games, fort building, scientific exploration, and team building.

We are making every attempt to keep schedules as close to the originally planned events as possible, however, please understand that there may be schedule changes (which will be communicated to you in advance). We will not be pro-rating camps or programs based on schedule variations, as we will fill campers’ time with equally enriching activities.

This camp has 2 instructors with 10 campers. 

Kids Reading Outdoor

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Summer Camp Fees

Weekly fees:

  • $325 per camper for Huckleberry and Bumblebee and 345 per camper for Yurt campers.

  •  Enrolled GBMS students, alumni GBMS students, alumni summer campers

Cancellation Policy:

  •  If you must cancel, we wil issue a refund with a 30 day notice.  This does not include the non-refundable $50 deposit or any ACTIVE fees.

Available discounts:

  • Sibling Discount: Second, third and fourth (etc.) children receive 5% reduction.

  • Contact the office for details.

Only one discount per family,

multiple discounts do not apply. 

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