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School Safety 

Our school’s primary responsibility is to our children.

In the wake of horrific incidents of school violence across the country, Great Beginnings has dedicated its resources to address teacher training and facility improvements, the primary deterrents to school violence.

Our school believes that staff, parents, students and community members play a part in keeping learning environments safe. Our teachers model safe behavior, monitor student and visitor behavior, and reinforce the expectations set forth in a variety of behavior programs.


Security Solutions Campus Safety:
Working with Security Solutions, our school is implementing a multi-tiered plan to address safety concerns on both campuses. Our school recognizes that school safety is a constantly evolving area.

For both campuses, under our new policy, the front door of both schools will be locked at specific hours to increase school security.

At Springhill, we have a new system, including a video surveillance and intercom buzzer system, that only allows a staff member inside the building to admit someone in from the outside. If you arrive when the door is locked, please ring the doorbell outside. To help with our security, you will kindly be asked to state your name and the name of the child you are picking up or dropping off. A staff member will then let you in.

At Foothills, the door to the locker room will be locked during these times. During the locked hours, please knock on the door and someone will let you in.


Additionally, panic buttons and a 24-hour video security monitoring have been installed on the Springhill campus.

Other notes: 

Although active-shooter drills have become increasingly common for children of all ages, data shows that an active-shooter drill could cause trauma in younger children. Instead, our school will continue to use the fire drill format to train children in emergency evacuation procedures for numerous situations.

Please note, the exterior doors at our schools are unlocked during various times because there are numerous times when our school has large groups of students and parents going through the doors that cannot be avoided. Additionally, our children have supervised access to outdoor spaces throughout the school day. These safety measures have been implemented with the intent to place as many barriers as possible between someone who wants to enter the school for purposes other than legitimate educational purposes.

Please don’t hesitate to stop into the office if you have any questions.

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