The Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal: 

To provide a Pre-K – high school education for students to challenge the mind, nurture the heart, discover the world, care for the earth, and celebrate human dignity. 

Want to know more? Please visit our Expansion Website at: www.bozemanschool.com

Planned Giving​

Gold Gift: We dream that 30 families can generously donate $30/ month for 30 months. $900/ family. We thank you for your generosity with a mosaic garden tile imprinted with your child’s handprint.


Silver Gift: We wish for 20 families to lovingly donate $200 when your child graduates from GBMS, and commit to $20/ month for 20 months. $600 family.


Bronze Gift: We hope at least 30 families can give $10 month for 10/ months.

$100/ family. 

Montessori Materials

A great way to support your classroom teacher and our elementary program is through the purchase of additional materials for our classrooms. Check with your teacher for his/ her "Wish List", then go to the sites below to find and order the materials:
Bambini Montessori
Montessori Services