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Our extended goal is to expand our school to serve Lower Elementary, grades 1-3. Right now, Great Beginnings offers summer programming through 3rd grade with our Yurt Camp, but our regular academic school year does not currently have Lower Elementary. However, we are currently working to purchase and develop a second campus, and tentatively plan to be open for grades 1-3 by September 2017. 

We are excited for this expansion for our older students, because as they are in the Lower Elementary, the world vividly unfolds with excitement and discovery. As they expand their reading, writing and math skills, they also nourish their imaginations through a hands-on integrated curriculum that includes geography, life and earth science, art history, music and physical education.

Lower Elementary students are highly motivated and eager to continue their intellectual growth as they gain global perspective through writing, scientific measurement, culture, art and literature. More information on our second campus is available HERE.